Friday, February 3, 2012

Nook Love

It's Friday!!!! Hello weekend! I am so glad it's here and I am hopeful about getting some quilting done tomorrow :)

I thought that I would share a bit about the nook cases I made and posted a bit about on Wednesday. I don't remember if I mentioned it {and I'm too lazy to look} but I got a Barnes and Noble Nook for christmas. And so did my sister...and my grandmother...and my aunt and mother already had them actually. So naturally mine needed a nice little home to keep it cozy and warm and I thought my sister might enjoy one as well. Maybe at some point I'll work my way through the rest of the family too.

Anyway, I was debating whether I wanted one to hold it while I read or just to store it in. In the end storage won and so far I am incredibly happy with that decision. Seriously, this is one of my favorite things I have ever made. Ever. I admit it has something to do with a love of whales and polka dots, but the design is perfect and the zip pocket in the front keeps my cord from being lost in the office. I used the tutorial that Faith put up at Fresh Lemons Quilts during the 12 gifts of christmas blog hop and just altered the dimensions. It worked beautifully. I am already planning to make another for my husbands e-reader {which is not a nook} once I get some sweet fabric; not as sweet as whales obviously, but still awesome.

But the real insanity came from the case for my sister. I asked her what kind of case she wanted and she told me about one that also stands up as an easel. Like this one.

And I thought, sure, I can do that, no problem. So off I set to figure it out. I tried to even put in a magnetic closure but in the end the magnet I got wasn't strong enough to go through all the layers and I was not about to go looking for a stronger one. So I settled for velcro which I think works fine. I put pieces of thick chipboard in so that it could stand upright and it seems to work very nicely. I tried to use the hairbands for all 4 corners to hold it in (I got the idea from here), but it really wasn't working so I added that pocket at the bottom as an afterthought just to try and make it work. Thankfully it does work, quite well in fact. Also, I was going to top stitch on either side of the center to hold the chipboard in better, but I didn't think it through and couldn't get it through the machine once the chipboard was sewn in. It seems okay though.

I am super happy with the way they both turned out. And I am proud of myself for figuring out the one for my sister and it actually working. And there we have 2 beautiful new Nook cases. I can't wait to give my sister hers :) Now I believe I have some fabric cutting to do.....

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