Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby-in-the-hood Jacket

It has come to my attention that somehow it is Monday again. How did that happen? This weekend just flew by! At least I got a few things done though :)

One of those things is a fall jacket for my little lady. She didn't have one and I was lamenting that fact when I realized I had seen one in Handmade Beginnings. After looking at the pattern and deciding it would do just fine, I set to work finding some fabric. Which proved difficult. And I was just about to give up having anything useful in the house when the hubby suggested I use an old pair of his {ripped} khakis that was in my pile. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. So I picked a lining and did some quick measurements to make sure it was enough fabric. Long story short, it worked out perfectly! I used the inside seam of the pants (the side with the topstitching) in the center of the back and it looks really good. Using the khaki gives it a bit of weight perfect for fall and I used one yard of fabric for the lining and the accent instead of throwing a third fabric in there. And I'm glad because that lining fabric is a little loud haha.

The pattern was great. Easy to follow and I loved seeing it come together so professionally as I went. I hate using pattern pieces, but I am learning to suck it up because it is worth it. I need to see if there is anything else in the book I want to make while it would still fit her.

I made the 12-18 month size and it just fits. Which is good I guess since she will only be using it until it is too cold. Which around here won't be long I suspect. She looks so stinking cute in it! And I am feeling really good about using fabric I already had on hand. I am actually sad thinking about how soon she will probably be too big and a pair of old pants won't be enough fabric to make her things. Ah well, enjoy it while it lasts. I almost want to find a pair of jeans and make a cute denim one....maybe for spring! Next up for the little one: long sleeve t-shirts. I am just waiting until I feel like setting my machine up for knits and then I will hopefully do a bunch of knit things at once. Before then though, I have a few other fun things to do!

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  1. This turned out great, my husband was even impressed.