Monday, September 12, 2011

A Swoon top

I am happy to proclaim that the swoon top for my parents is finished! And I dont' hate it! Although really, I don't know that I can claim to like it. It is just way too loud for me. It is somewhere around 88" square. Instead of 2" sashing all around, I did 3" in the middle and 6" around the outside so I wouldn't have to figure out a border and I think the bigger borders for the blocks really help. I think it should be big enough to be considered queen. I picked up thread and batting and everything so later this week I will get down to basting/quilting and then I just have to figure out binding.

I did pick up a back, but it is way different from the front. It is actually a duvet cover I found that I thought would be cool but I am a little worried because it has nothing to do with the front. And the blue thread I am using to quilt it might look funny although I still need to decide for sure how I am going to quilt it....I'm not looking forward to a quilt this big on my little machine. I don't know, when you back a quilt, how much does it need to coordinate with the front?

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