Friday, September 2, 2011

Farmer's Wife - 1/3 done!!!!

Woohoo! 1/3 of the way finished! I managed to get 4 blocks done this week, including the applique for the flower basket handle, which I was a little worried about, but turned out fine. I am really happy with this group, definitely some cool blocks. It brings me to 37 blocks out of 111 done so that leaves 74 blocks left to do; not bad! It was so relaxing to work on these today after all the frantic gift making of the past few days :)

So here they are!

 #35 - Flower Basket
I am actually pretty proud of my basket handle although it's not perfect. I used heat n bond light and then zig-zag stitched it down. I don't know why the handle seems so short, but I cut out what printed and it wasn't scaled so whatever, and it seems like so much space at the bottom which is weird. I also don't love my choice of the green polka dot as the main basket piece, but it's okay. Wow, I just made it sound like I don't like this one at all, but I assure you I do like it.

 #8 - Bouquet
I love this one! Again, it could be the purple, but it just came together great! Very cool block :)

 #65 - Peaceful Hours
Another really cool block. This is one where I changed up the color values from the original because I liked the look of the dark and light blue in the book and I am happy with that change. I think it's fun doing the more oddly shaped pieces instead of just squares/rectangles and triangles. (This also accompanied my favorite letter so far, it kinda cracked me up).

#23 - Country Farm
This was a fun star block. It is put together differently since it is on point, so it took a while to straighten it out in my mind. Mine has much less contrast than the book since yellow is not quite as dramatic as some other colors might have been, but I really like it. I also chose to not follow the color values again with this one because I thought the star shape would have gotten lost. Point being, happy yellow star block.

And all 4 together:

What a happy little group! Every week I get more and more excited about this quilt :)

Anyway, I'm off for a long weekend with the extended family. 3.5 hour drive =  no fun, but it should be a good time once we are there. Here's hoping for a happy baby on our travels and some lovely weather! Happy weekend everyone!!

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