Friday, September 16, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 9

Here we are again. I meant to only do 4 blocks this week, but then the 5th one just jumped on in there when I wasn't looking :) I am  now done 47 out of 111. I can't believe how close to half way I am! And I really can't believe how much I still love it. I just look forward to these little blocks. I think I'm going to have to start another long-term sampler when this is over. But anyway, on to the blocks!

#83 - Spider Web
Love! I really think I love everything with this fabric, but this is a pretty sweet block

#105 - Wild Goose Chase
I had trouble deciding on my greens for this one, but I am reasonably happy with my choices. Not perfect, but good. 

#32 - Farmer's Daughter
Another cool block that could have had better fabrics. It came out pretty well anyway.

# 42 - Fruit Basket
I kinda love this one. A lot. More than I even thought I would. Maybe I should have used my apple fabric though :-P

#39 - Friendship
So simple and pretty. For whatever reason, I love the white square. In real life the blues are prettier too. Stupid gloomy weather. 

And here are all 5 together

I really need to take a picture of all of my blocks so far together, but I am having trouble finding the space and the right weather. And it will just get harder as we get into fall and have more and more cold, cloudy days.  I will have to try and photoshop them together or something. Ya know, in all my free time. We'll see what I can work out.

Well, happy weekend everyone! I will hopefully be quilting and quilting and quilting my swoon quilt and hopefully it will be all quilted by next week and then I just have to wait for the binding to arrive and I can get that done.

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