Friday, October 14, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 13

Happy Friday!! I am glad the weekend is here! This week I managed another 4 blocks bringing me up to 64 out of 111. The other big event of the week is that I ordered my sashing!!! I had been debating and I think I mentioned before that I love the Black and White Quatrefoils by Michael Miller, but I was hesitant not seeing it in person. But, I went to the other day and they had just the amount I needed left, said it was non-reorderable, and it was on sale for 30% off so I took that as a sign and ordered it :) We'll see when I get it how I feel, but right now I'm just excited. In honor of that, I made up a grid of my blocks so far and put it on a black background to get a feel for it and I think it's going to be amazing.

Moving on to the blocks!

#12 - Broken Sugar Bowl
This was nice and simple and came out really well.

#33 - Farmer's Puzzle
It took me a while to notice that the one part of the cross doesn't line up, but now that I did it bothers me. I just can't decide how much. But other than that I really like this block. 

#45 - Grape Basket
I don't really understand the whole basket block thing, but this did come out nicely. I am liking my green blocks a lot recently.

#57 - Morning
I am pretty happy with this one. This is the same design as block 100 (weathervane) but the colors are laid out slightly differently. 

Here are these 4

And here is the grid I made up.

It bothers me that they aren't on point like they will be in the end, but I am not worried about that right now. The point is that the black really makes the colors pop. The corner stones will be white as well as the triangles around the edge and I am still figuring out the borders. And I am thinking solid black binding.

So there it is. I am so excited and I love it more every week. 10 more blocks until I reach 2/3 done! Have a lovely weekend everyone!