Monday, October 31, 2011

The small things

This weekend was good. Aside from the whole snow thing. Sewing-wise it was good. I managed quite a bit - a halloween costume (not very impressive, but done and super cute, pictures to come after the debut tonight), a bag (which still needs to be photographed), some quilt blocks, and these couple small things that took such little time, but made me feel so much more productive.

First up, I got a new planner. And I love it. It is a really great planner, a momAgenda my plan if you are wondering, that just works wonderfully for me; I love the setup and that is rare in a planner. It just feeds my list making nature. The only problem: it was ugly. I am just not a hot pink/lime kinda girl. It makes my eyes burn a little. But that is the kind of thing you are willing to overlook if the planner is good enough. Still, it needed to be fixed. Here is the before picture, just for reference.

I debated whether I should make a cover like the one I made for my composition book, or try to find something a little more streamlined. In the end streamlined won out and I decided to try some heat 'n bond ultra to just adhere some fabric to the outside. I even got all fancy and put some eyelets on the back and put some elastic through so it will stay closed. Easy peasy. And it looks great. Time will tell how the heat 'n bond will hold up, but I figure if it doesn't work out all year, I can always make a cover later like I was going to initially.

The other thing I knocked off my list is a little fabric try to hold some of our cleaning cloths. We are trying to cut down on the paper towel use around here so we've been using some cloth wipes. They needed a home so I made them one. I used this tutorial from noodlehead and just made it the size I needed for my cloths (roughly 8.5"x8.5" bottom and 2" sides). It was simple to follow. I ended up getting single sided instead of double sided fusible interfacing, but it worked out just fine. I am glad to have it done and it looks much nicer in our kitchen than a pile of cloths :)

And those are a couple of the little things that made the weekend good. Sometimes getting some little things done just makes you feel worlds more productive and somehow it snowballs into being even more productive. And now it is Monday and I have to go to training for work (boo!) and then take a little girl trick-or-treating (yay!!). Happy Halloween!!!

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