Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday {10.5.11}

Well today is a bit of a sad day for me personally, but I am hoping to distract myself with happy memories and some beautiful farmer's wife blocks. I feel like I have a lot in progress right now, which I guess for me I do. I was surprised when I sat down to write this just how many thing I have laying around. Things are kinds slow going, but I am chipping away at it all.


Thank you gifts!

Love these! They are given and loved and I am so happy with them. 


I am halfway done these beauties!!! I can hardly believe it and I am so excited!!


Ikea quilt

I have been saving these fabrics for ages, at least a year, and finally have enough time to make a quilt just because. So I started it yesterday and I am totally excited! I just need to get some more fabric...

long sleeved shirts for the little one

I put together the pattern for a hoodie and drew out a pattern for a long sleeved t-shirt and gathered up some fabric....I just need a bit more fabric so I can do it all at once. 

cute little project

A couple weeks ago I won a FW block from Melinda at quirky granola girl that she had made but hated and now it is being turned into a little something to make me smile. I just need a lining fabric. Can you tell I need to do some shopping? haha

Still going:


I am finally in the process of binding this bad boy. I am halfway done and I think two more movie nights and it will be finished. I can't wait until it is all washed and I can see it finished!

I forgot it was a week off so that was kinda good, and I am opting out of this challenge block for now since I want to make sure I have enough fabric for the others and at the end I may go back and make some for the back. I will post about this months blocks tomorrow.

So that's what I've got. We'll see how far I get this week. We have another guest this weekend so I will be missing out on another weekend of sewing. And next weekend I think will be a quilt shop hopping weekend :) And the weekend after that is more guests. I kinda miss my weekend sewing marathons. Anyway, happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love the quilt "I'd love to stay but I really (mustache)" so cute!

  2. I love your FW blocks in rainbow colors. It will be a stunning quilt! I bought the book, but haven't started the blocks yet. Someday...

  3. That is a great color option for the farmers wife quilt. How happy it looks. I also love the "must-dash" quilt, very cute.

  4. incredible use of color on your farmer's wife qal blocks. it is going to be amazing!

  5. Yay for you! Your FW blocks are coming along nicely. I think the colors are very pretty, I'll be looking forward to seeing it completed! The 'moustache" quilt...that is just sweet and cute!

  6. Wow, look at that FWQAL!!!! Awesome!