Friday, October 28, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 15

Happy Friday!! I am glad it's finally Friday. It has felt like a long, unproductive week. I still haven't gotten much done, but I'm slowly going at it. And hopefully this weekend I will actually get some of this crap done and off my craft table. And next week I completely lose Monday and Wednesday and the weekend, so hopefully this weekend is good.

I managed to get 4 blocks this week, so 74 out of 111 done! I appologize in advance about these pictures, they are really crappy thanks to the fact that it has been raining and snowing (yes snowing, in October! What the heck?!?! Not a good sign!!) so I had to deal with inside pictures with no sun. And one is blurry but I couldn't manage to get a clear one. I'll have to retake them when the sun decides to come out again. But for now, here they are

#73 - Rainbow Flowers
I like this one a lot. It is actually really nice, despite what the blurry picture would have you think. I had a hard time figuring out how to incorporate white, but I am happy with deciding to make the lightest color white.

#91 - Strawberry Basket
This one is pretty cool. I switched and made the main design white instead of the lightest color, and I think it was a good move. I am loving the greens right now.

#15 - Buzzard's Roost
I kinda wish I'd used a print instead of the solid, but it looks good so that's okay. It just sounds so sinister...buzzard's roost.....

#75 - Rosebud
This one is growing on me. I didn't like it at first but I think I'm starting to like it kind of a lot.

And all together:

They are looking so good! I think every week I get a little more excited about seeing them all together in a big snuggly quilt :) I think one of these weeks before thanksgiving I will have to do an extra day of blocks and try to get a bit ahead so I can get this done and have time to put it together and everything as close to the new year as possible. Well, have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. great blocks this week! each one is lovely. i'm a few fwqal blocks behind, but i spent some time this week pulling together my fabric picks for about 40 upcoming blocks. i feel pretty great about that. i don't know when i'll get the time to cut and piece, but i feel like i accomplished so much :)