Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A finished quilt top

Life is feeling really crazy right now and I'm not sure why. It was a good weekend of friends and quilt shops, but another weekend of not much sewing. I did manage to get my Ikea quilt top done last week and I love it. I know I say that about just about everything, but it is so true! I love it! So much that I am considering making another since I have enough fabric. But I should probably finish this one first.

When I bought this fabric last fall, I had the idea of making a tumbler quilt. I had seen a tutorial and really wanted to try it. More recently I also wanted to make a cross quilt. I couldn't make up my mind so at one point I decided to put the two together. And while I questioned my decision at some points in the process, now that it is together, I can't even tell you how much I really love this.

I totally want to keep it even though I'll probably end up selling it or gifting it or something. I need to go find a back, and I am thinking an orange print. I have the binding all picked out too. I can't wait to get it together although I guess we'll see when I find a backing. I am thinking if I make another it will emphasize the blue/lime green instead of the red/orange. I think it would be fun to see how that changes it. See you tomorrow for the WIP round up! Hopefully that will remind me that I was actually pretty productive!

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