Monday, October 10, 2011

A finished Swoon Quilt!

The swoon quilt is done! And I am soooo relieved! All things considered, I couldn't be happier with it. I still dislike the colors, but in the end it doesn't look too bad and I think my parents will like it. Really, I just think that particular blue is just too much for me. It seems like a color to be used sparingly, not as a background, but anyway.

I ended up doing 3" sashing and 6" around the edges so the final size is 84" square after washing and everything which should be just fine for a queen bed I think. At least it seems to fit on mine.

The back is actually an xl-twin duvet cover from target that I saw and it made me think of my mom. So hopefully she'll like it. I don't love that it is 100% polyester, but I think it will be alright.

For some reason, I decided to do an all over stipple on this bad boy. It was insane. I can't believe my second FMQ experience was wrangling this thing through my little machine. But I did it and it came out pretty well. A few folds for sure, but really not bad. Ya know, after I ripped a bunch of it out to get out a ginormous fold. Yeah, that was great (or not). But I made it through.

For binding I used some Kona medium gray. I actually think that ties it together nicely. It frames the blue and tones it down a bit and it also goes pretty much perfectly with the bits of gray in the back. I hope my mom can forgive the small dose of a neutral color.

And now it is done. And stuffed in a closet for the next 2.5 months. And now I don't have to look at it any more and can move on to prettier things :)  And one of these days I'll make another swoon quilt (possibly smaller) in colors of my choosing. I am really thinking a polka dot background would be kind of awesome. Someday.


  1. I chose bright colors for my swoon too , 3 main colors for my grandaughter! I love your quilt!

  2. The beautiful blue background is my favorite part!

  3. I came to your site because of the blue. Yours is my favorite. Beautiful!