Friday, December 9, 2011

Farmer's Wife - the one in which the blocks are DONE!

See that stack there?? That is all 111 of the farmer's wife sampler blocks! So many pretty blocks! I finished up the last 6 this week, and the sashing/cornerstones/setting triangles are all cut and ready to go! It is going to be spectacular :) I can't even wait to have this top together! Hopefully tomorrow that will happen. But that is for another post when it is finished. For now, here are this weeks {final} 6 blocks. (please forgive the somewhat unfortunate pictures, it was super cold and windy and there was snow on the ground)

#108 - Windmill
I made this one backwards actually. I don't remember if I had the fabric upside down or the template, but in any case, there it is. I like it a lot though and it was a really simple block. 

#60 - Noon & Light
I was waiting for this block just so I could use the stripes like this and I love it! They lined up amazingly well!

#103 - Whirlwind
Love! So simple and lovely.

#2 - Autumn Tints
Yellow may not have been the ideal color choice for this since it doesn't give it much contrast, but I like it anyway.

#40 - Friendship Block
I love this block. I kind of want to make a whole quilt of it. 

#88 - Star of Hope
 I generally don't love the blocks like this, but since it was the last one, I'm feeling all lovey towards it :-P

I'm not going to lie, I got a little sad {and triumphant} when I made that final block. It was such a milestone. I have loved making these little blocks more than I could have imagined and I am certainly sad that there are no more to be made. I am pretty sure that snuggling under the huge, colorful finished quilt will make up for it though :)

So that wraps up the block posts for my FW quilt. Wow. Next week I will hopefully have at least the main part of the quilt top to show (without borders I suspect, but we'll see). For now I have a star quilt to quilt and bind! Wishing everyone a lovely {and productive} weekend!

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