Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Even though there is no link-up this week, I am going to go ahead and do a WIP post anyway. Now that I am putting this together I realize how little I've actually gotten done. Even though it feels like I've been working on things non-stop. Hopefully all the little things I've been doing for everything will add up to quick finishes this week. So here's the updated list

The List:
Fabric bin (x2)
Stars for Edie quilt -top done
Hoodies (x2) - both cut and ready
Gifts for hubby (x2) -should finish up thursday
Laptop bag
Travel sewing wallet
gift for my sister
FW quilt - finishing blocks today, sashing all cut and ready
apron (gift)
slippers for the little one
keep up with Skill builder blocks -started but I need more heat n bond
work on embroidery 101

Stars for Edie



Fabric Bins - the only real finish

As you can see, I have a whole lot to do and only 10 days to do it! I think I have it pretty well mapped out though, so if things go according to plan (ha!) I'll get most of it done. And if I'm lucky I'll be organized enough to bring some things with me to work on when we travel. How's everyone else doing with the christmas crunch?


  1. Fun fabric bins!! And great RE: the finished top. You DO have alot going on, & a shorter time-frame than me! What am I whining about? ;-)

  2. it looks like you got a LOT done. there is a lot of work between planning a project and a finish. that's the hard thing about the final count of WIP's vs. finished items.

  3. You can do it!!! (I'm sending positive energy for us both) :)