Wednesday, December 21, 2011

final 2011 progress report

This is, I would say, my last wip post of the year. And I regret to say it comes without pictures (I actually forgot my camera so I won't have pictures of some of them until I get home next week and I can't share the gifts quite yet). In the next week or so I am hoping to get myself together for the new year and figure out my goals and do some reflection and all that good end of year stuff. I am still having a hard time grasping the concept of 2012, but I better wrap my head around it quick since it's practically here!

The List:
Fabric bin (x2)
Stars for Edie quilt
Hoodies (x2) - one is done, the other is started
Gifts for hubby (x2)
Laptop bag
Travel sewing wallet
gift for my sister (x2)
FW quilt -Top almost done!! Which is as done as it is going to get at this point!
apron (gift)
slippers for the little one
keep up with Skill builder blocks -not going to happen until after Christmas
work on embroidery 101

I am very pleased to say that Edie now has her quilt and she absolutely loves it. She even commented on how great the colors are. It is always such a good feeling to give a quilt to someone who appreciates it so much.

Clearly my goals were a bit too large for the time I had, but that's alright. While I've been gone, I've been mostly knitting. I ran out of yarn for my legwarmers so I need to get to the yarn shop for that so I can finish the second one. I'd be upset that I can't finish them now, except that means I can just go ahead and start the next thing :) I went shopping in my dads yarn stash and got something like 11 balls of yarn, which gets me ready for my next 2 projects and then some. Now I just have to go steal borrow some needles! I must say that I love sitting around knitting and watching holiday movies :)

So I'm off to continue visiting people I love but don't see nearly enough and enjoying the holiday season. Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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