Wednesday, December 28, 2011

handmade holidays {2011}

How was your Christmas? Mine was exhausting but great :) We had a great time with lots of family, stuffing ourselves full of yummy things and running between houses. Now we are finally home and getting settled back in and I thought it was time to share the remaining handmade gifts from this year. Most of my pictures are a bit blurry since I had to take them at night before I wrapped them if I wanted pictures.

I decided at the last minute to make 2 aprons, one for my mother-in-law (she requested one) and one for my sister. I used some tea towels I had been saving for just such an occasion. My mother-in-law got a full length apron using this tutorial. The only problem was that I used another towel for the ties so they are a bit short, but it works. I also should have topstitched the ties. I don't love it, but she does and that is what matters.

My sister got a half apron because it was just so cute I had to. Tutorial here.

I also made her a scarf (which I don't have a picture of) and an emmy clutch (oh man do I love these! what a great pattern!). I used 2 DS fabrics from Joanns and I lovelovelove the outer one.

For my hubby, I made an e-reader case (no picture, it didn't come out didn't really fit it so I'll have to try again) and a really sweet laptop case. It all started with the robot fabric for the lining. It took me quite a while to embroider those robots on the outside, but it was so worth it. I really love it and so does he :)

I also gave 3 quilts, a christmas quilt for my grandparents, swoon quilt for my parents, and the star quilt for Edie.  Not too bad. I love making Christmas gifts. So much that I am already planning for next year. Is that crazy?? I just thought of things after the fact that people would really like. I guess I'll have to make a list....and not lose it! If I am lucky I will slip things in all year and not be so crunched in December.

I'll probably be popping in again this week. I am hoping to finish cleaning up my to-do list before the new year, but clearly my days are limited. That's okay though. New Years is my favorite so I'll be looking forward to it even if I still have a pile of things taller than me to do :)

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