Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Still trucking along

So, it's Wednesday again. Already. And while I have made quite a bit of progress, I am finding myself forced to come to terms with the fact that I will not have everything done this week. You know how it goes, too many things to begin with, things take too long, and then I lost a day to work training and we now have to leave Friday instead of Saturday....basically it's just not all going to happen.

So with that in mind, here's the list:

The List:
Fabric bin (x2)
Stars for Edie quilt
Hoodies (x2) - one is almost done, the other is started
Gifts for hubby (x2)
Laptop bag
Travel sewing wallet
gift for my sister (x2)
FW quilt -Top almost done!! Which is as done as it is going to get at this point!
apron (gift)
slippers for the little one
keep up with Skill builder blocks -not going to happen until after Christmas
work on embroidery 101

And of course, I have to leave you with some pretty pictures

So I am aiming to finish up the gifts and the hoodies today and tomorrow, and hopefully find time to get something ready to bring to work on. I'll have my legwarmers to knit and I have to either get hexies ready or embroidery 101 blocks, and I think the hexies will travel better.  And if I can finish my other legwarmer, I have some other knit things to start :) That gives me plenty of time to reevaluate my list and figure out what I am doing when we get back. And now, back to work!!

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