Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday {9.28.11}

Do you know, I think I almost missed Wednesday this week? It snuck up on me. But here it is and here I am ready to recap all my crafty doings of the past week.


Baby-in-the-hood Jacket

I got this done pretty quickly and I love it. And it is supposed to cool off a lot this week so I think it will even be put to use :)

Skill Builder - block 12

I never made a house block before. Never had the desire to actually, but it was kinda fun. And I like the result despite it coming out too small and needing to add some extra around the edges. 


Love! 5 more blocks done bringing me to 52 out of 111. This week, today in fact, I should pass the halfway point!!

Still Going:


So last Wednesday I was supposed to get my binding fabric and get to work, but it arrived and it turned out I was sent a half yard instead of a yard so I didn't have enough for the queen size quilt. The replacement should be arriving today so I'll hopefully get that put on there tomorrow and get to work.

I actually have something new that I didn't finish this week! I am close to done, but not quite. These are both gifts for two people who watch our cat for us when we leave town and can't bring him. They are so sweet about it, always ready to help and I've been thinking for a while now that they needed little gifts. So here are the sneak peaks of what I've got (plus one of the clutches is a gift for one of them).  Excuse the poor pictures, it was an incredibly gloomy day with no light.

Thank you gift 1

Thank you gift 2

And that is it I think. I am hoping to work on FW blocks today, put the binding on Swoon, do my skill builder block, and finish up the thank you gifts this week. And then my parents are visiting this weekend. And then who knows! Happy Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Hi! I've just come over from Freshly Pieced. I love those blocks! The colours in the FWQAL look great. Those thank you gifts are adorable. I'm smiling at the moustache :)
    Lucy x

  2. I've just come over from Freshly Pieced too. Lovely blocks and great presents!

  3. also came over from WIP wed, love the moustache quilt, so very funny.

  4. Your FWQAL blocks are great! And so are your thank you gifts. Too cute!

  5. I want a moustache quilt like that! So very awesome.

  6. Must dash...mustache...Love it!

  7. I had to read it a few times to get it. It is hilarious. I love that it makes you stop and think! Clever clever. I'm gonna pin it!

  8. Your skill builder blocks are beautiful. I love your house block too. I've seen others post pictures of theirs and they are all great!

  9. your thank you quilts are adorable! i can't decide which i like better :)