Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday {10.26.11}

Hm, is this really the last WIP post in October? How crazy! This past week was not my most productive. By far. But I guess I saw that coming. And now I feel like I am organized enough to get a bunch of things done, but I have no time to do it (one nap leave so much less sewing time than two). If I'm lucky I can get a lot done this week. On to the good stuff!


Laptop Case 

This one is for me and my new laptop! I love it. I got some AMH innocent crush woodcut daydream cotton sateen for the outside and some green quilters flannel for the lining and put it together in an afternoon. Now I can't wait to go somewhere with my laptop so I can use it. 

Crocheted blanket

I posted about this yesterday and I know it's not sewing, but it is what is making me feel accomplished this week. I love it and so does my little lady :)

Trick-or-treat bag

Cute and simple. Now I just need to get a costume done....

Shirts for the little one
I am going to call this one done. I need to turn the one into a halloween costume, but the shirts themselves are done. I just need to put them on my model and get some pictures.


Love! I am up to 70 blocks now with this 6. 

Still Going:

Ikea Quilt

Waiting for a back. I have a plan, just not the fabric to enact it.

Skill builder sampler
I am behind on this one since my printer had no ink to print the paper piecing templates. But I have them now so this will get done soon hopefully.


Couch Pillow Cover

I started out really excited, but it is taking forever and isn't as much fun as I might have hoped. I can only hope the end result is worth it.  I'll need a second one too, but I don't know what I want it to look like yet.

Embroidery 101

I have been wanting to do this QAL at Clover and Violet since it started over the summer but I didn't have time. Not that I have time now but I don't really care :) I picked out fabric (some pretty central park I found on the quilt shop hop!) so this week I hope to cut it. And I need to get some sort of pearl cotton or embroidery floss or something....I just need to figure out colors and where to get it.

Hubby's Christmas gift
I can't show this, but it is started and is going to take a bit of time so I need it on the list. I am so excited...once I figure out exactly how to pull it off.

And I think that's it. I hope so. I have a couple other quilts planned out in my head, but I'm waiting for the fabric to come out, so that at least gives me some time to get this other stuff done. As always, too many ideas, not enough time! Have a good week everyone!

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  1. I will be anxious to see your couch pillow cover. Someday I would like to try something similar!

  2. What a cute laptop case. I love the cathedral window pillow too!

  3. So much fun stuff! What an adorable laptop case and the couch pillow is looking fabulous.

  4. chin up on the couch pillow cathedral windows! i have a cathedral window project in work too, and i work on it on the couch! i try not to spend too much time watching TV, but we all end up doing that sometime! your stitches are looking great so far, keep it up!

  5. Love the couch pillow...but I bet it really is a lot of work. Enjoyed my visit.

  6. I am loving that trick or treat bag! Cute. I love that CW too! You can do it. :) So many beautiful things!