Friday, November 4, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 15

*Whew* it has been a crazy week! Obviously I had a lot to share this week, but it's winding down. Due to some training for work, I spread my FW blocks out over 2 days this week and got 6 done. I have 80 blocks finished, I can hardly believe it! Only 31 more to go and I realized today, that means only 4-5 more of each color so I think I'll have enough fabric *crosses fingers* I am hoping I'll be able to finish up the blocks in the next month or so, but I'm not sure how that will work out. I'll try anyway. And I ordered sashing {again} so this time I hope it is in stock and I actually get it. I'll post more about it when I do, maybe next week.

Blocks for the week!

#55 - Linoleum
Considering my usual feeling toward the purple blocks, I don't love this one. It's okay, but not great. Nice and easy though.

#89 - Steps to the Altar
I like this quite a bit more than I expected to. 

#71 - Puss in the Corner
This one I switched and did white for the medium color....really just so I could fussy cut a horse.....and I am totally okay with that :)

#90 - Storm Signal
Good but not wonderful. I feel like the center design should be bigger....but I think that is just because of the plain white background.

#4 - Basket Weave
I like this one. I took me a while to figure out which blues to use, but I am happy with my choices

#44 - Gentleman's Fancy
I love this. A lot. I love the design, I love the orange. Just perfect.

I am loving them as always. I just love sitting down to make these, and it is starting to hit me how near the end I am getting. This weekend though, will be pretty free of sewing I think. If I'm lucky I'll get to work on some hand sewing, but with guests visiting you never know. Have a good weekend everyone!

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