Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday {11.23.11}

I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! And this morning we get to take a nice long drive to spent it with family. I have been working like a madwoman to get things done and I did pretty well. I got {almost} everything on my list done, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. Now, next week things may not be looking so accomplished...


Ikea Quilt!!

So glad this is done, and I really love it! So bright and wonderful. 

Thanksgiving shirt for the little lady

Better pictures of this to come tomorrow, but for now, this is the peek. 

Skill Builder -block 18

I love this block. It is just great. And I had been wanting to try one so this was perfect :) And now this QAL is halfway done!


90 blocks!(technically more since I made the others earlier this week, but don't have pictures of those prepared yet, so we'll save those). I am so close to done. Only a couple more weeks!

Still Going:

Couch Pillow Cover

I am so close to finished hand sewing this! Then I just need to put a back on and slap it on a pillow form :) By next week I hope!

Hoodie for the little one
It is cut out finally! Maybe next week I'll put it together. No real rush I guess since I think it will be big.

Embroidery 101

Hubby's christmas gift

Nothing I can think of.

It feels like I did more than that since I've been always going this past week, but I didn't do too bad.  And now, wish me luck on a 3.5 hour drive with a toddler who hates the car! Here's hoping we don't hit any bad traffic!!

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  1. wow - you have alot of goodies going on!! Your IKEA quilt is very fun!

  2. I love that quilt made with fabric from Ikea. I am hoping to look at their fabric on Saturday - getting my car serviced and will have their shuttle take me to Ikea by the Mall of America. I also love all your sampler blocks.