Friday, November 18, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 17

Yay Friday!!! And yay Farmer's Wife blocks!! Clearly I am overly excited today :)

This week I made another 5 blocks. I am up to 90(!!!!) now. That just seems so huge! Believe it or not I am hoping to spend 2 days working on them soon and get at least another 10 done and hit that 100 mark! I think I am pushing myself to do it more as I get more and more excited to see them all together. I am just loving all these rainbow blocks and I am so anxious to be snuggling under them. I feel like it will just be a little piece of nice warm joy in my living room.

On to blocks! This weeks weren't too bad. The first couple had quite a few pieces, but it could have been worse.

 #101 - Wedding Ring
So many pieces! But it came together nicely. And I got a little king face in there without even trying :)

 #36 - Flower Garden Path
 This was a bit scary. I was quite worried that it wasn't going to meet right in the middle, but I think it came out alright. This was definitely the hardest of the bunch to piece. I had to make sure I kept laying it out to make sure I had things in the right place, and I still ended sewing one upside down and having to rip it out. But I made it and it's pretty.

#106 - Wild Rose Square
This is one of those blocks I feel like I just keep making over and over again. I guess they are slightly different, but very similar. I do like the yellows for this. 

#5 - Bat Wing
This is such a simple block with great impact! And this is pretty much my favorite purple fabric every so that helps.

#84 - Spool
I didn't think I would like this one, but I am surprised how much I do. Another super simple block. I think I had it together in like 10-15 minutes, including cutting it out. Which was a nice note to end on since I was squeezing it in at the end of naptime :)

They are all looking great. I guess it's about time for another collage of all the blocks together, so I'll have to get on that. I kinda have this little hope that in the next month I'll have the quilt top together. But that might be too ambitions. We'll see I guess. But for now, I must get back to my to-do list. Which I really need to stop adding to (hello thanksgiving t-shirt for the little one!). Happy Weekend!

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