Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday {6.29.11}

Happy Wednesday! It was a really productive week here. I accomplished everything on my list that I had planned and had to make a second list to start on. There is only one more thing on that one, but it's not going to get done before the long weekend starts. Ah well. In any case...


SBS Block #2

I don't like this block as much as the first one, but they look nice next to each other. I think my two brown colors are too different, too much contrast, but it's okay.

Merrylegs Pillow
I love this pillow. A lot. Hopefully the birthday girl will love it too!

Ipod Case
Came out well. I can't wait to give it a test run!

Travel Highchair

A brilliant last minute project. I saw the idea on Homemade by Jill and put it together in a naptime. I can't wait to use it this weekend. Full details to come Friday.

Still Going:

Christmas Pinwheels

I am happy to report that all the HSTs are sewn and trimmed! I honestly did not think I was going to get that far, but I'm so glad I did. Next week maybe I'll get to lay it out and see how it looks....and see if I am really going to stick with pinwheels. I can't wait to get this finished. It has been sitting around since the fall.

I can't wait to see what block 3 is. This is so much fun, but the wait every week kills me :)



I realized I haven't put my biggest ongoing project on here...or posted about it recently. I honestly don't work on it much, mostly when we travel which is, of course, why I even thought of it. It may take forever, but it will be done some day.

Tote bag

Really the only new thing I have actually started is a tote bag to match the merrylegs pillow. It is the only thing on my immediate list that I didn't get a chance to make. I had a lot of squares leftover (I may or may not have cut waaaay too many) so I want to make a little tote bag. I will just give it to the birthday girl a bit late, that's all.

And really that's it. I know I am coming back with a stack of fabric to make my parents a quilt for their bed though so I can add that on next week, and I have a couple other quilts to start, but I want to get the Christmas one done first.

starting count: 5
completed: 4
new: 1
total: 4

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  1. I LOVE the merrylegs!! it is too cute!.very nice I-pod cover.. I need one for my Zune.. guess I better get busy.

  2. That pillow is ADORABLE!!!! What a great idea - the traveling booster

  3. Ack! that pillow is AWESOME!
    and I love that you're working on Christmas stuff right now :)

  4. Okay, the portable high chair is such a cute idea. And your pillow is precious!

  5. What a darling pillow! Great that you are working towards Christmas already. That is something I have to do.

  6. Such pretty fabrics in your Value 9-Patch! And your Christmas pinwheels quilt is going to be fabulous. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )